Everyone says they have goals; but do they really? Maybe your goal is to be rich and or famous. Maybe it is to get down to your high school weight. Maybe it is to become a VP of your company. These are well and good but attaining something along these lines is the same as driving from your house to Los Angeles: there are many ways you can go but not all are the best or will get you there in the time or shape you want to be in. Studies show only about 40% of New Year’s resolutions are fulfilled.

A genuine goal has a few components that are necessary for it to be legitimate. First, the desired outcome has to be important to you or the person with the goal. If it is not something they personally want, it most likely will not happen. That person does not have buy in and will not put in the effort or may even sabotage the process.

Secondly it has to be realistic and attainable. Wishing to be taller is not a goal. That is unless buying lifts and bringing back platform shoes is on your agenda. Do you really want to climb Mt. Everest or just have some adventure and feel the rush?

A third aspect is goals have to be measurable. Break them down into smaller manageable actions and then evaluate and adjust as you go along. To stay involved and motivated, especially on something that may take an extended period of time to do, you need to have guideposts that show you are accomplishing things.

You have decided to develop a goal, its important to you & you are ready to start. How do you go about it?

  1. Break up your goal into chunks. Figure out what tools, equipment, supplies, supports you will need. Cut up that elephant into bite size chunks. This also includes objectives. These are the smaller steps that you will take and accomplish towards the larger goal. A goal is the destination and the objectives are how you will get there.
  2. Write down your goals. There is something almost magical about putting things down on paper. Post it where you can see it often. It is a concrete example of your plan, a reminder of it and a contract with yourself that you have committed to your goal.
  3. Track your progress. Keep a log, make a chart, have people that you check in with often. You keep motivated by getting and seeing feedback that you are progressing.
  4. Stay committed. Good things come to those who wait. Actually good things come to those that work hard, stay focused and keep their eye on the prize.